Spectrum Communications proudly utilizes Call Centre Innovations by Amtelco, the leading provider of call centre technology, to power our Message Centre. This allows us to provide our customers with inventive and contemporary services for today and tomorrow.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that no matter what event may occur, we can continue to provide our clients with consistent, uninterrupted service. Some of the tools we have in place to achieve this are:

Business Continuity

  • Dedicated emergency plan in the event of a natural disaster
  • Real-time back-up server
  • UPS emergency backup power
  • Natural gas generator
  • Emergency support team
  • Remote login capabilities
  • Multiple locations to share/switch call flow
  • Data backup
  • Spare equipment

Message Retention and Storage

  • Voice logger
  • Network archiver

Social Media

Connect With Us

We’re confident that our dedicated and experienced staff will be able to help you choose the communications system and services that are right for you.