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Spectrum Communications has had significant growth in the wireless communication industry. Starting in London, Ontario in 1979 with the launch of our first commercial paging venture, we quickly moved forward with the development of our own paging system, offering hundreds of paging customers with both alphanumeric and voice paging from Windsor to Toronto.

In the 1990s, Spectrum rapidly grew with the addition of both wide-area and private trunked two-way radio systems throughout southwestern Ontario. We have continued to expand trunked radio systems over the years, including offering various trunking formats such as Johnson LTR, Harris EDACS, Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Connect Plus and Capacity Plus, as well as Kenwood’s NEXEDGE digital trunking format. Our Network Operations Centre has been vital to both our business and our customers’ since 1998, as operators continue to monitor systems 24/7.

In the 2000s, we continued to grow in the wireless industry with a significant investment in widening our information technology expertise. Seeing the ever increasing relationship between two-way radio and computer technology, Spectrum hired a number of staff to respond to customer requirements for large wireless broadband systems. These systems not only support a number of organizations with specialized data requirements, but support mission critical services through simulcast and wide-area digital two-way radio communication systems.

Most recently, we have developed key relationships with international leaders in communication infrastructure, such as distributed antenna systems and simulcast networks. These partners provide essential equipment to allow our customers to communicate seamlessly both indoors and out via specialized networks.

With our growth over the years, we have recognized and adapted to the needs of our customers. We realize that users are no longer looking for a quick fix, but are now seeking integrated multi-purpose systems built for information sharing and a better ROI - which is why we’re proud to be a total solution provider and our future will reflect the same.

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