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Spectrum Communications is committed to giving back to the communities we serve and staying connected to what matters most. Each year we make many generous contributions to deserving organizations, including the donation of communications equipment to support a variety of charitable events. We are also very proud to be able to assist many non-profit organizations raise the funds necessary to support their community support objectives and goals. The phrase “every little bit counts” holds true and is a pillar from which non-profit organizations are able to continue to provide essential services to our communities. Our staff also play a large role in our communities by participating in many fundraisers and community events. Spectrum Communications employees are passionate and dedicated to serving their communities. Not only do they donate their time and efforts through Spectrum Communications, but many staff also serve on non-profit organizations’ committees and boards of directors in their personal time.

Spectrum Communications is overwhelmed by the amount of thank you letters, photos and cards we receive from organizations we’ve supported. A letter or photo may be worth a thousand words but the gratitude we feel most is that we as a company are able to assist organizations in our communities and help to make our world a better place.

Like most Canadians Spectrum Communications is concerned about our changing climate which is why we’ve implemented our own practices to help the environment through:

  • Electronic equipment recycling - We recycle numerous types of two-way radio rechargeable batteries and all used cell phones. Anyone is welcome to bring their used rechargeable batteries and cell phones to one of our locations for recycling. Portions of the proceeds of our recycling efforts go to select charities throughout our region;
  • Electronic billing - We are working together with our customers to significantly reduce paper consumption by offering e-billing. Not only are customers finding it fast and efficient to receive their invoices via email, but it’s helping to keep our forests alive. We thank our customers who have embraced e-billing and aiding us in conserving our natural resources;
  • Embracing more environmentally-friendly equipment - As technology evolves, so can its ability to be more environmentally-friendly. We now offer new technologies such as two-way radios with GPS applications which provide traffic and fleet management services to reduce road congestion, and efficient battery chargers which avoid overcharging and wasting valuable energy.

Spectrum Communications is proud to offer our customers the latest technology in the communications industry, but we are also committed to providing equipment and services that help sustain our environment as well.

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