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Since the launch of digital two-way radios, we’ve helped thousands of users migrate to the digital platform and enjoy benefits far beyond clearer audio. Not only do digital radios change the way you communicate, but they enable the radios to become true business tools. A digital platform allows the two-way radios to perform additional functions such as man-down, alarm notification, control industrial machinery, indoor and outdoor location tracking, messaging and dispatch integration, or basic telemetry control to turn various systems on and off. We can design and build custom solutions to help improve processes in your business.

When it comes to unique solutions designed for your business, we recommend only the best application developers in the business, like Tallysman Wireless and Teldio. Just like the app world has changed the way smartphone users live their lives, third party applications for two-way radios improve the way you do business. Talk less and do more with unique apps for your two-way radio system.

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