Are Your New Lights The Cause of Your Interference?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Whether a car audio radio or two-way radio, we’ve had a number of calls from users experiencing interference from an unexpected source: lighting.

With new energy efficient regulations and the rising cost of electricity, many businesses are investing in replacing their facility and vehicle lights with high efficiency lighting. As a leading two-way radio dealer, we have been fielding more and more calls from our customers who are reporting interference on their radio communication systems.

While there could be several root causes of interference, such as wiring or housings, it has been proven that some energy-efficient lighting sources are causing electromagnetic interference to communication systems. This is because (believe it or not) some energy-efficient lighting generates radio frequency emissions in order to operate.

Industry Canada has made recent amendments to the Interference-Causing Equipment Standard (ICES-005, Issue 4) as it pertains to lighting equipment. Although manufacturers have new standards for properly testing and labeling their lighting equipment, any complaints regarding communication interference as a result of lighting equipment or systems should be directed to Industry Canada.

Spectrum remains committed to ensuring your two-way radio communication system operates at its full potential and we’re ready to assist if you are experiencing interference.

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