Spectrum Communications began in 1979 as a small paging company in London, and we’re proud to say that paging remains a vital form of communication in many industries today. It is not uncommon for on-call trades personnel to receive an emergency after-hours call-out, healthcare professionals to require instant communication in a multi-level hospital, or first responders to receive a critical voice message via a reliable network - and that’s where paging comes in.

There are a number of advantages to paging technology, including:

  • Cost efficiency - pagers are a fraction of the monthly service cost of a cellular device;
  • Reliability - paging has a long history of meeting the stringent reliability and availability demands during high-volume traffic conditions such as during an emergency;
  • Group messaging - a fast and efficient method for sending critical messages to groups;
  • Coverage - paging offers broad coverage including in-building penetration;
  • And proven communication in the worst situations.

Whether you require local or wide-area paging coverage, we can provide you with the pager that best suits your needs, including numeric, alphanumeric, voice, and two-way pagers. We are proud to be the local leader in providing specialized in-house systems designed to meet the internal dispatching needs of your business, such as alarm reporting for security, machinery monitoring, and pump, tank or lift station monitoring.

In 2018, paging still remains one of the most simple, affordable, and reliable forms of communication.

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